Magistral company implements projects of the “TOS People’s Budget” in Vologda

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The priority of the improvement of urban areas was discussed in advance with local residents. For example, in the trans-river part of the city, the stop complexes on Gorky Street have long caused concern. Since April 20, at the Samoilo Street stop, near the cooperative technical school, work has begun to put the territory in order. At the time of the renovation, which is scheduled for May 4, the location of the stop has been changed. Now passengers are dropped off and picked up near the house number 95 on Gorky Street.

The Magistral company plans to mount a new stop complex, but first replace the asphalt pavement of the site, build a drainage tray, since a lot of water always accumulates here on rainy days, and install trash bins. A bicycle path will also be built here. According to the representative of LLC “Magistral” Titov Igor Nikolaevich, the asphalt will be laid by the end of next week, and the manufacturer will deliver the stopping complexes a little later.

An interesting project was developed for the landscaping of Vozrozhdenie Street. The Magistral company began to implement its plans. The soil and plants were delivered. Since electricity and gas pass nearby, and the root system of trees, growing, can cause harm, it was decided to plant shrubs. The choice is not quite usual for our city. Three types of barberry, white turf, cinquefoil, and spirea will bloom along the main street of the microdistrict.

On May 1, Magistral employees will be engaged in the improvement of the park near the intersection of Koneva-Arkhangelskaya streets. Old paving stones will be removed on the paths and laid with asphalt. The work will last until mid-June, but if the weather conditions are optimal, they will finish earlier.

It should be reminded that over 44 million rubles have been allocated for the implementation of the citizens’ initiatives within the framework of the “TPS People’s Budget” program.