Macrina: what absolutely must not be done on August 1. Signs and beliefs of the day

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Macrina was born in Cappadocia in 324. Information has been preserved that when her mother was in the process of demolition, she dreamed of an angel who asked to give the born girl the name Thekla. The mother did so, but the relatives did not like this name, they called the baby in their own way – Macrina, in honor of the Christian grandmother who suffered during the persecution. The girl was brought up in Christian traditions, knew prayers, and regularly attended church services.

Early leaf fall usually begins on Macrina, birds in the forest sang less and less. Our ancestors on this day went to pick mushrooms and berries, finished with the harvest of oats.

By the way, Macrina (Mokrida) is the eve of the day of memory of Elijah the Prophet – one of the most formidable and dangerous days of the year.

According to signs, if it rains on August 1 in the morning, autumn will be impenetrably rainy. But sunny and dry weather on this day promises a good harvest. A hot day is a harbinger of a drought that lasts 6 weeks.

According to legends, animals should not be killed on this day. Even for the purpose of food. Our ancestors believed that blood shed on this day could negatively affect the fate of descendants. Also, earlier on this day, the hostesses did not ferment cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage. It was also forbidden to sell horses to Macrina.

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