Lyon prosecutor’s office opened a case after an attack on a priest

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The Lyon prosecutor’s office is considering all versions of an attempt on the life of an Orthodox priest in Lyon, France. This was announced on October 31 by its representatives.

“Currently, none of the versions regarding the motives of this attack is ruled out. We are working in close contact with the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office, ”TASS quoted the agency as saying.

In addition, the Lyon prosecutor’s office opened an attempted murder case.

Earlier on the same day, an Orthodox priest was wounded in a shooting in Lyon, France. The fire was opened by an unknown man at the moment when the priest was closing the church.

The French Ministry of the Interior has decided to open a crisis headquarters after the shooting near a Greek church in Lyon, writes.

In Nice on the morning of October 29, a man killed three people with a knife and wounded several parishioners of the Church of Notre Dame. In addition, in several French cities (Avignon, Lyon, Paris), the police also prevented impending attacks on citizens.

French President Emmanuel Macron ordered to mobilize the military, to strengthen security in churches and schools. He also assured that there are no problems with any religion in the country.

In mid-October, in a suburb of Paris, a man beheaded history teacher Samuel Pati at Conflans-Saint-Honorine College. Among the reasons for the incident is the showing by the teacher of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during the discussion of freedom of speech at lectures. The attack by the French authorities was regarded as an “terrorist attack by an Islamist.”

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