Lukyanuk: Why Nemerenko shouldn’t have received a master’s degree

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Alla Nemerenko was not eligible for a diploma, because she received money for the development of policies in medicine, said blogger Yevgeny Lukyanyuk.

“These seven who received their diplomas without attending lectures received them in gratitude. I am not saying that these diplomas are fake. These are simply not Master’s degrees, these are Mr. Ababia’s diplomas of gratitude for his friends. These gentlemen have forgotten that they did not create software for free. They did it for a lot of money. Mr. Ciocanu, for example, when explaining to people about insurance medicine in 2003-2004, went to doctors who received 2 thousand lei a month, and he received 150 US dollars for each day. These people are millionaires from medicine, doing medicine on paper, ”said Lukyanuk.

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