Lukashenko to sign a decree transferring power to the Security Council in an emergency

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that he would sign a decree transferring power to the Security Council in an emergency. He announced this on Saturday, April 24, during a trip to the regions affected by the Chernobyl accident.

According to him, the document will determine the structure of power in emergency situations, for example, in the case of the assassination of the head of state.

“Tell me, if there is no president tomorrow, do you guarantee that everything will be okay? Not. Therefore, in this case, I will sign a decree in the coming days on how the government will be built in Belarus. The President was shot – tomorrow the Security Council will be empowered, ”the Belarusian leader said. His words are quoted by the BelTA agency.

Lukashenka said that in case of threats from abroad, it is necessary to promptly introduce a state of emergency, up to a military one, such a decision will also be made by the Security Council.

Thus, according to the Belarusian leader, when there is no president, he acts as prime minister. He will also chair the Security Council, but all decisions will be made by secret ballot.

“Therefore, I said that I would sign this decree and determine who would rule the country“ if suddenly, ”he concluded.

On April 17, Lukashenko spoke about the arrest of a group that was planning an attempt on the life of him and his children. According to the president, the US special services are involved in this. He stressed that an attempt to organize a rebellion and then a “creeping coup” had failed in Belarus.

On the same day, the FSB of the Russian Federation reported on the arrest in Moscow of those suspected of planning a coup in Belarus and an attempt on the life of the president of the republic and his family. According to the agency, the suspects were consulted in the United States and Poland. Among the detainees are Belarusian political scientist Alyaksandr Feduta and lawyer Yuriy Zenkovich. A criminal case has been initiated on this fact, and charges have been brought against the suspects. According to the KGB, Zenkovich pleaded guilty and cooperates with the investigation.

On the same day, the KGB of Belarus announced Zenkovich’s connection with the US special services. On April 19, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the plans to attempt a coup in Belarus are absolutely destructive.

On April 21, during the announcement of the annual message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the plan for a coup d’etat in Belarus. According to him, in Belarus, most likely, a large-scale cyberattack was being prepared. The head of state indicated that the detained participants in the conspiracy admitted to preparing the blockade of Minsk.