Lukashenka signs a decree on convening the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree to convene the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly on February 11-12, 2021 in Minsk. This was announced on Monday, December 28, by the press service of the head of state.

“On December 28, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed decree No. 492 on the convocation of the VI All-Belarusian People’s Assembly. In accordance with the Constitution of Belarus and in order to implement the constitutional right of citizens to participate in the discussion of issues of state and public life of the country, the President decided to convene the VI All-Belarusian People’s Assembly in Minsk on February 11-12, 2021, ”the statement says.

During the meeting, the main provisions of the program of socio-economic development of Belarus for 2021-2025 and directions of the country’s socio-political development will be discussed. A total of 2,700 people were invited to the meeting.

“Participants of the forum from regions and Minsk are elected taking into account the norms of representation by regional and city councils of deputies and the most numerous public associations. At the same time, no more than 310 people from each region will take part in the meeting, and no more than 370 citizens from Minsk, ”the message says.

On December 16, Lukashenka promised to “fight” for Belarus, until the “last riot policeman” and “real doctor” say that he, as the head of state, has done his job. He also noted that he would try to save the country for his grandchildren. The head of state expressed his conviction that Belarus “will be in demand as a country,” since it is “the center of Europe, the center of civilization.”

On December 8, Lukashenka said that the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly should be a constitutional body. The head of state also added that the agenda of the meeting will be finalized after the Christmas holidays. In addition, Lukashenka proposed electing delegates for a five-year term, adding that their role will be higher compared to what was before.

On November 16, the President of Belarus announced that he plans to redistribute the powers of the President according to the current Constitution. He noted that he intends to do this “honestly, fairly, without avoiding responsibility.” On his proposal, the government will develop bills, the parliament will discuss and adopt them, and then submit them for approval to the head of state.

On October 20, Lukashenko promised not to run for the post of head of state again after the adoption of the new Constitution. The next day, he said that in December, the country’s authorities would discuss the preparation of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly, which is scheduled for early 2021, and during which Lukashenka plans to talk about the changes in the Constitution.

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