Lukashenka said about the “past” Belarus before the presidential election

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Belarus, which was before the presidential elections, will never be, but the country will get even better, said on Friday, December 25, President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko during a conversation with the staff of the Minsk City Children’s Infectious Disease Hospital.

“And everyone says: if we had a country that was before the elections, we would live like in that country. No, that country will not be and there is no need <...> We will be better <…> I’m sure. Belarusians are not stupid people, they will go through this period and understand – not what we have lost, but what we can lose and what we will be left with, ”the Pool of the First Telegram channel, close to the presidential press service, quotes him.

On December 15, Lukashenka, during a meeting in Mogilev with the staff of the regional clinical hospital, announced that he would “fight” for his country until the “last riot policeman” and “real doctor” said that he had done his job as head of state.

On November 16, the President of Belarus announced that he plans to redistribute the powers of the President according to the current Constitution. He noted that he intends to do this “honestly, fairly, without avoiding responsibility.” On his proposal, the government will develop bills, the parliament will discuss and adopt them, and then submit them for approval to the head of state.

On October 20, Lukashenka promised not to run for president again after the adoption of the new Constitution. The next day, he said that in December, the country’s authorities would discuss the preparation of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly, which is scheduled for early 2021, and during which Lukashenka plans to talk about the changes in the Constitution.

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