Long Residence Rules 2024

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The Long residence is a UK immigration category whereby the applicant who has lived in the United Kingdom for about 10 years is eligible to apply for a UK indefinite leave to remain. 

When a candidate has been conceded Indefinite Leave to Remain they can live in the UK liberated from movement limitations.

The premise of long home perceives the ties an individual might shape with the UK over an extensive time of home in the UK. The UK Immigration Rules have changed. In the past, it was feasible to allow a long home following a time of 14 years of persistent home. This arrangement was eliminated by changes to the Immigration Rules on ninth July 2012.

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Long residence: 10 years

People who have been legitimately in the UK for quite a long time constantly can apply for the UK Indefinite leave to remain. Also, to make an effective application, there should be no motivations behind why giving leave is against the public great. To qualify under the long-term residence you should likewise have passed the Life in the UK test and communicate in English at level B1.

‘Continuous residence’ means

According to the Home Office guidance passage 276B, ‘continuous’ home alludes to home in the UK for a solid period. Home will be viewed as broken where the candidate is missing from the UK for a time of a half year or more. Home will not be viewed as broken where the candidate is missing from the UK for a time of a half year or less at any one time, given that the candidate had left to remain and leave to enter upon flight and return.

UK Immigration Rules express that a consistent home isn’t broken if a candidate gets a suspended sentence from a Court of Law. Then again, time spent in jail, a youthful guilty party foundation or a safe medical clinic will break the time of the nonstop home. Any leave collected prior to condemning will be ignored; just home after discharge from care will be considered a continuous residence.

Absences from this 10 year period: Strict implication

As indicated by the Home Office strategy, people can’t be missing from the UK for any period more than a half year without a moment’s delay or 540 days altogether. 

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Application procedure: how early can I apply?

The most punctual you can make the application under the long-term rule is 28 days prior to finishing the passing time of 10 years. Kindly note that applications that are gotten over 28 days before the candidate finishes the necessary passing time frame for the long home should be denied. This is on the grounds that the candidate has not finished the necessary time of leave in the UK. The UK Immigration Rules express that candidates who are denied under the Long Residence Rules, due to presenting their application too soon, can reapply whenever they have finished their passing leave or, on the other hand, as long as 28 days before this.