List of Pros and Cons of Living as Paying Guest In Other Cities

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After the 12th standard, the majority of people leave their house for further studies in the top universities in other cities. While some of the students prefer to live in an on-campus hostel and others live in PGs. But do you know that these paying guests have a plethora of advantages and disadvantages? When it comes to living in PG, you no longer need to worry about the things to purchase from scratch. However, you get everything right from meals to laundry. In a nutshell, you live a comfortable life in the PGs with all the amenities.


Note down, the level of amenities like premium or basic depends on the monthly rent. This way, it completely depends on your budget. So, this write-up dive you into the knowledge of the pros and cons of living in paying guest accommodation. Additionally, we’ll suggest you some better options as well. So, keep reading this article without any distractions.


Pros of Living In PG

1, You Become More Disciplined Being a student, PG is one of the perfect places to live where you get some etiquette and discipline in life. They provide you with everything on time like meals and laundry services. You’ll also have some restrictions on going out, partying and these PGs enable you to follow the proper discipline life. This way, you can also devote time equally to everything such as studies, games, parties, and friends get together. 

  1. 24X7 Security Guard  Paying guest accommodations are safe, especially for girls and bachelors on account of high-premium security safeties. The majority of PGs provide you with 24X7 security guard services, safety alarms, and CCTV cameras. 
  2. Healthy Cooked Food In Pg, you get cooked healthy food timely that you get together other community of people living there. They have a fixed schedule for cooking the vegetables and dishes that you’ll surely love. However, when you eat dinner, breakfast, and lunch on time, it promotes good health. 
  3. Support of Landlords on Medical Emergencies Landlords of most probably all PGs are quite supportive. In case of emergency, they can help you out in no time. They can manage all facilities needed by you in illness or any other issues. Isn’t that great?
  4. Visitors are allowed for a Few Days PGs accommodations are the ultimate choice if your parents or any other relative visit once a month to meet you. While in a hostel, it becomes hectic to call visitors into the room. 


Cons of Living In PGs


  • Strict Rules & Regulations When you live in pg, you might need to follow some strict rules that sometimes become a burden and make you feel frustrated. This simply indicates limited parties, once in month visitors allowed, and so on. However, this can be good for students but not for the professionals who want independent life. Isn’t it?  If you live in Bangalore and are not interested in restricted PG life, you can approach Settl which offers 1 RK for rent in hsr layout without broker
  • Loneliness Issues  Undoubtedly, Pgs is a peaceful place to live and has ample advantages but sometimes, it becomes awkward for the newcomers and they start feeling loneliness issues in their life. Therefore, it becomes most important to choose the best PG where your loneliness is far away from you. Isn’t it? Addionally,  you can live in 1RK with your best friend as well which is the best way to alleviate the loneliness factor.
  • Limited Electricity & Water Amenities There are some PGs that impose some strict restrictions on the usage of water and electricity. This becomes annoying sometimes as a result. Henceforth, it’s become quite labyrinthine for the people to live in such an environment unless you choose premium PG. 



Key Takeaways

We have discussed all the pros and cons of PGs accommodation. After reading this article, you’ll come to the conclusion that whether you want to live in PGs or not. Apart from PGs, there several more options such as flats, One RK, Co-living Pgs, and more. You can explore all these options and then decide which one will suits you the best fit. You can also contact Settl for this which is the one-stop destination for the required needs. 


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