Libyan National Army pulls military to Chad

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The Libyan National Army is increasing alertness near the border with Chad. On Twitter, messages from the Libyan military appeared: “Al-Kufra military zone of the High Command announces the withdrawal of the first batch of troops to the Libyan-Chad border on the orders of its commander, Major General Al-Mabruk al-Lender, to conduct ground and air patrols in the target area and deploy companies of fighters at the Al-Sara base in anticipation of the development of the situation in the north of Chad. “

The Chad military on Thursday, April 22, destroyed one of the remaining rebel columns. According to the army representatives on Twitter, many of them were natives of Libya. Now a detachment of the military is sent to the capital of Chad in N’Djamena. “We are paying the price for the consequences of the fall of Gaddafi. Most of the weapons of the former Libyan army are in the hands of many of these terrorist groups in Mali, Niger and Chad, ”the statement said.

Idriss Debi officially won the next election for the presidency of the Republic of Chad and was killed on the same day in a fight with rebels in the north of the country. He went there to personally take part in the defeat of a radical terrorist group. After the death of the ruler, the military took power in the country, and the government was headed by the son of the former president.