Leshchenko noted Ernst’s organizational talent

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The producer, General Director of Channel One, Konstantin Ernst, is distinguished by his organizational talent, correctness and the ability to unite several generations in front of the TV screen. On the day of Ernst’s 60th birthday, February 6, the singer Lev Leshchenko told Izvestia about this.

According to him, under Ernst, the channel has changed, it has become completely new and productive.

“Television lives on a small subsidy, but basically it is a commercial structure that must earn money for the maintenance of the entire television media space. If the balance is negative, no one will forgive you for this, ”he said.

According to the artist, Ernst’s organizational talent allows him to withstand this, to make the channel’s work interesting and eventful.

He also noted the political spectrum of the channel, cultural and educational programs, Ogonyok. The TV channel is in dialogue with the viewer.

“After all, a Russian person turns on the TV in the morning and then goes to brush his teeth. And the main task is to unite several generations, “Leshchenko stressed, noting that Ernst succeeds in doing this.

As the singer added, every second of the broadcast should be bright, truthful and exciting, and since the producer is a biologist and chemist by training, he apparently splits the ether according to molecular theory, which is why the programs work so well.

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