Lera Kudryavtseva did the makeup of her two-year-old daughter

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TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva is not afraid to give her two-year-old daughter Masha lessons in growing up. In particular, she showed the child what a woman needs to do to look beautiful.

In her Instagram story, Kudryavtseva posted a video showing how she does Maria’s makeup. “The first cosmetics, they gave us shadows,” said the host.

The recording shows Lera sitting on the floor, and Masha on her lap. During the recording, the girl constantly twitches and tries to run away from her mother. At this moment, the TV star applies shadows to her upper eyelid.

“Do not peep, otherwise it will get into the eye,” her mother tells her.

In March, Kudryavtseva showed how she was criticized by her daughter Masha, who scolded her mother for a dirty plate. As a result, the famous presenter began to make excuses, but Masha recalled that she had said 100 times about not eating from dirty dishes.

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