Leo Terrell says MN mayor ‘tying police’s hands’ after shooting: ‘I felt he was working for the criminals’

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Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joined “Hannity” and ripped Brooklyn Center, Minn., Mayor Mike Elliott’s handling of the police-involved shooting death of a motorist earlier this week, claiming his actions make him seem like he’s on the side of rioters ransacking the area the past few nights.

Terrell told  host Sean Hannity that Elliott’s executive actions over the past 24 hours are irresponsible and have hurt the police department’s ability to maintain civil order.

“Sean, I saw this incompetent mayor basically tie the officers’ hands behind their back… That mayor is incompetent. Honestly, I felt he was working for the criminals because he basically is allowing his city to riot tonight. The police are basically defenseless.”

“What I’ve seen in Minneapolis and Minnesota today is incompetence.”

Elliott, the city’s first Black mayor, who immigrated to the United States from Liberia as a child, took command authority of the Brooklyn Center Police Department upon a 3-2 city council vote, and saw the termination of City Manager Curt Boganey and resignation of Police Chief Tim Gannon. 

Boganey lost his job shortly after calling for “due process” for Kimberly Potter, the officer involved in the accidental shooting of Daunte Wright, 20, during an altercation in the midst of a traffic stop.

Elliott confirmed Tuesday that he ordered the removal of a pro-law-enforcement “Thin Blue Line” flag from outside the city’s police precinct, calling the icon potentially inflammatory.

“What I’ve seen in Minneapolis and Minnesota today by that mayor’s incompetence — the chief of police quit and only because both the chief of police and the officer are both entitled to due process,” Terrell fumed. 

During remarks Tuesday, Elliott advised that there are some cases in which officers do not need to be armed:

“I dont believe officers need to necessarily have weapons every time they are making a traffic stop,” he said.

On Monday night, anti-police rioters looted a Dollar Tree general store in Brooklyn Center, and all told 40 people were arrested, according to KTSP.

Elliott also asked Minnesota Democratic Gov. Timothy Walz to reassign Potter’s investigation to the state’s Democratic Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Walz himself drew criticism after reacting to Wright’s death as, “another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.”

Terrell added that Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., a liberal Democrat from Detroit, wrongfully called for the abolition of police and law enforcement earlier Tuesday — in reaction to Wright’s death.

Terrell said Tlaib is ignorant of the fact that only days ago, a Capitol Police officer was killed by a suspect in the line of duty.


“What bothers me today not only about what she said is in the Capitol building, an officer gave his life to defend Tlaib, Congress, and America.”

“The Democrats don’t want solutions, because if they had a solution they would lose this argument,” he added.

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