Leo Terrell: Biden, Democrats’ reaction to Chauvin verdict shows ‘you cannot satisfy these extremists’

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President Biden and his Democratic allies still want to make the Derek Chauvin trial about race relations in America, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell told “Hannity” Tuesday.

“Derek Chauvin was not being charged with racism,” Terrell said of the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd last year. “Race was not even mentioned in the case at all. We had a diverse jury, and they rendered justice based on the evidence inside the courtroom.”

Terrell added that despite the fact that the criminal justice system worked, President Biden sought to undermine it by emphasizing what he described as the need for “acknowledging and confronting head-on systemic racism and the racial disparities” that exist in it. 

“They made it a race case in the court of public opinion, and they want to continue because they want to divide this country on race,” Terrell told host Sean Hannity.

“The legal system worked today. But yet, they are not happy,” he added. “They are going to continue to claim and lie about systemic discrimination. Joe Biden said that today. It’s a lie. Kamala Harris [spoke of] systemic discrimination — racism, racism, racism, Jim Crow. I’ve had it.”


Terrell suggested Democrats and political activists “wanted a mixed verdict” in the Chauvin trial to cite as proof of the injustice that they claim actually exists.

“A verdict came back based on the facts, and they are still not happy,” he said. “You cannot satisfy these extremists, at all.”

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