Leo Boqueria called popular proverb about dinner a myth

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Russian heart surgeon, academician Leo Bokeria called a proverb “to give dinner to the enemy” a myth.

In an interview with REN TV, he said that every day for 45 years, he wakes up at 5:45 in the morning and eats cottage cheese for breakfast, and then goes to work. During operations, he does not eat, and after they are over, he can also have a snack with cottage cheese, fruits or yoghurts. However, upon returning home at about 20:00, “food begins” for him.

“In fact, when you’re full in the morning, your digestive system starts to work like a blast furnace. As a result, a person wants to lie down, sleep, ”explained Bokeria. As a result, he does not eat much in the morning, but allows himself a hearty delicious dinner, after which he engages in physical activity.

In turn, nutritionist Svetlana Fus gave recommendations on what a proper dinner should be. According to her, it should include vegetables and protein foods, such as fish or poultry. You can also add cereals or whole grain breads for saturation.

Also, the specialist noted the importance of going to bed on the same day when there was a rise.

“The pancreas should reduce its activity no later than 21:00. The insulin level that was released during the last meal should gradually decrease and normalize the amount of glucose in the blood. It takes about 3-4 hours to form and digest a food lump, depending on what foods you choose for dinner. “This applies to everyone: those who are losing weight, and simply those who want to be healthy,” she said.