Lazarev Saturday: what date is celebrated and what cannot be done

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Before Palm Sunday, Christians remember the miraculous resurrection of the preacher Lazarus by Jesus. In honor of this event, believers arrange a holiday.

Lazarev’s Saturday does not have an exact date; it is celebrated on different dates from year to year. In 2021, this day falls on April 24. The resurrection of Lazarus is the last great miracle of Jesus Christ. From Lazarus Saturday, church chants begin to lead Christians in the footsteps of the Lord.

The whole week before the last week of Great Lent is called Palm, hence Lazarev Saturday got its second name – Palm. According to tradition, on this day they tear the willow and carry the branches to the church, where they are consecrated. At home, twigs are kept until the next holiday all year round. Most often, an odd number of twigs or equal to the number of family members are brought to the temple.

On Lazarev Saturday, our ancestors prayed for deliverance from various ailments and the fulfillment of cherished desires, while baptized with their right hand, and held the willow in their left. People also believed that if you lightly hit a person with a consecrated willow twig on this Saturday, he would not be sick for a long time.

On Palm Saturday, despite Great post, you can cook food in oil and eat any fish caviar. Even on this day, it is allowed to drink a little wine once.

On Saturday of the sixth week, no heavy work, no sewing and no washing are allowed. It is better to relax in your free time and gain strength before Holy Week. However, if there is such a need, then it is better to do it in the afternoon. Even on this day, it is forbidden to swear, quarrel with loved ones, swear and wish others harm.