Lazarev Saturday: what absolutely must not be done on April 24

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Today Orthodox believers celebrate Lazarus Saturday and remember the miracle of Christ’s resurrection of His friend Lazarus.

Lazarev Saturday, or Palm Saturday – this Saturday one week before Easter. John the Theologian writes about the resurrection of Lazarus in chapter 11 of the Gospel. From that day, having witnessed the miracle, many believed in Jesus as the Messiah, seeing this popular love, the Jewish priesthood was frightened and “decided to kill Him.”

The holiday falls on the time of Great Lent, but an indulgence is made on Lazarev Saturday: fish caviar, vegetable oil and wine are allowed.

Traditionally, on this day, it is customary to bring pussy willow twigs to the church; the priest consecrates them at the evening service on the eve of Palm Sunday.

According to popular beliefs, on April 24th it is strictly forbidden to throw away bread, arrange lavish feasts with alcohol and noisy festivities. It is a bad omen to slaughter cattle and fish that day.

As in any church holiday, on Lazarev Saturday they tried not to get down to hard housework: it is forbidden to do the cleaning, do handicrafts or work in the garden. Routine work will not be considered a sin if it does not interfere with going to church services.

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