Lawyers named ways to complain about improper parking of neighbors

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Complaints about neighbors who incorrectly park their cars in the yards can be sent to the traffic police in various ways, while maintaining confidentiality. This was announced on February 6 by lawyers interviewed by RIA Nedvizhimost.

According to Yegor Redin, managing partner of the legal company Position Prava, there are several ways to send a complaint: by registered mail, through the traffic police website or separate mobile applications (for example, Moscow Assistant).

To send a complaint, you need to fix the violation using a photo or video. This must be done so that the license plate, road signs regulating parking or stopping are clearly visible, as well as provide several general views. In addition, you can call the traffic police on duty, where they will receive information about the violation and send you to the inspector’s place.

Yana Lyubimova, lawyer of the Grechkin & Partners legal group, emphasizes that the rules for parking in courtyards apply to both motorists and motorcycles. In addition, the same rules apply in both open and closed houses. At the same time, regardless of the form of the complaint, the applicant’s data remains confidential.

Contacting the management company about this may be practically useless, since only the traffic police can punish for incorrect parking. However, the management company can decide on the installation of signs prohibiting parking, and also, upon the request of residents, can move the parking lot away from the house.

Speaking about illegal parking of carsharing cars, Redin recommended solving the issue through the service support service. If the traffic police detects a violation, the user will pay a fine for violating the rules for using car sharing and compensate the corresponding losses of the company.

Also, lawyers do not recommend fighting offenders using folk methods, in particular, damage to the car, since this is fraught with criminal liability.

On November 12, 2020, it was reported that since the beginning of the year, 12.7 thousand cars were sent to impound parking lots in Moscow for illegal parking in places for disabled people.

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