Lawyer warns of new bans for smokers

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In 2021, a number of new bans await smokers, and Yegor Redin, the managing partner of the law firm Position Prava, spoke about them on Thursday, December 24, in an interview with the Prime agency.

In particular, from January 1, a ban on smoking is introduced on the territory of medical institutions, retail outlets, bases and warehouses. Smoking will be allowed only in specially designated areas marked with a sign “smoking area”.

In this regard, managers are obliged to hang up fire safety instructions and no-smoking warnings in the premises.

These restrictions are introduced by the government decree of September 25, 2020 “On the approval of the rules of the fire regime.”

Redin also drew attention to the effectiveness of the smoking ban legislation.

“Experts recently noted that after the entry into force of the law“ On protecting the health of citizens from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption, ”the number of male smokers has significantly decreased. It should be noted that the number of cases of secondhand smoke has decreased by about 70%, ”Redin said.

The fact that from January 1, a ban on smoking in hospitals, educational institutions and polyclinics, as well as at transport facilities will be introduced into the rules of the fire regime of Russia, it was reported on December 9. The new fire safety rules will be adopted within the framework of the “regulatory guillotine” and will be valid until 2026, after which they will be updated.

On December 8, real estate market expert of the Academy of Finance and Investment Management Alexei Krichevsky said that from January 2021, tenants of apartment buildings are waiting for 10 innovations due to the entry into force of government decree No. 1479 “On Approval of the Fire Regime Rules in the Russian Federation.” Candles and non-extinguished cigarettes will be banned – they cannot be left unattended on balconies and loggias.

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