Lawyer Knyazev revealed the scheme of “free” lawyers

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The head of the Moscow Bar Association “Knyazev and Partners” Andrey Knyazev commented on the calls of “free” lawyers to citizens. In his opinion, in most cases, most of the calls offering free legal services are common scams.

Knyazev revealed the scheme. Swindlers want to lure a person into the office and get money from him. “On the spot, a young girl will tell you one amount for services you do not need, and then a gray-haired old man will come out and say that there is a special offer for you personally with a lower price,” the expert says. According to him, people buy into it.

As the lawyer noted in an interview with Radio Sputnik, anyone should be alerted by offers to do something for free. You especially need to be careful with persistent interlocutors.

Knyazev also noted that there really are cases when lawyers are obliged to help people for free in a certain category of cases.