Lavrov announced attempts by terrorists to increase influence amid the pandemic

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Terrorist organizations are trying to use the difficult epidemiological situation in the world in their own interests in order to replenish the ranks of their supporters. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said this in an interview with website.

According to him, in some regions of the world, there are attempts by terrorists to take advantage of the conditions of the pandemic of coronavirus infection and the difficulties associated with it in favor of expanding their influence at the expense of those who became disillusioned with the actions of the authorities in the context of the crisis, replenishing the ranks of supporters, as well as spreading panic and misanthropic ideas. …

The minister also noted that long-standing discussions about bioterrorism against the background of the coronavirus have gained even more relevance. Lavrov called inadmissible attempts to manipulate the topic of coronavirus and bioterrorism for opportunistic purposes, including in the form of provocations and destructive information campaigns.

In addition, Lavrov said that there is no progress in resolving conflicts in the Middle East amid a pandemic, and in some cases the ground is being prepared for their further aggravation. Thus, a number of countries intend to take advantage of the current crisis to satisfy their own geopolitical and economic ambitions.

“The reliance on forceful methods and means of resolving regional conflicts remains, there is no progress in resolving acute situations, for example in the Middle East, in some cases the ground is being prepared for their further aggravation,” the minister said.

In January, a Berlin conference was held, during which representatives of 16 countries agreed not to interfere in the situation in the Middle East anymore. They agreed on a ceasefire, compliance with the arms embargo and continued negotiations between the warring organizations.

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