Latest Ideas for Wardrobe Designs Using Laminate Sheets

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When choosing wardrobe design, most people tend to play it easy. Sure its utility is to store clothes, but a wardrobe can do so much more to add to your bedroom decor and give it a modern touch.


You can do away with the boring hardwood design and rethink your wardrobe style with designer laminates. Choosing from a wide range of wardrobe laminates from Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India, you can give your bedroom a stylish new look and pair beauty with elegance.

Benefits of Choosing Designer Laminates


Laminate Sheets are the trendsetters of today’s market. It allows a designer to give any room that touch of class without compromising on functionality. When it comes to designers preferring to use laminate sheets, there are other factors than attractive looks.


  • Because of their construction, laminate sheets are incredibly light and sturdy. Thus, it’s convenient to use them in wardrobes, cabinets, and lots of other places.


  • Laminate sheets are eco-friendly. They are also versatile and come in a variety of shades. This makes them a much more attractive alternative for hardwood wardrobes.


  • Laminates also give you a lot more options when choosing the design. Royale Touche can pair you with designs best for your bedroom, from high gloss laminates to matte finish laminates.


  • The other impressive benefit of using laminate sheets is the relative ease to maintain them. They are resistant to scratches, moisture, are easy to clean and can retain their shine for very long. 


Wardrobe Design Ideas to Consider


There’s a lot you can try in laminate designs to use for wardrobes. These are all great ideas that can give your rooms a significant makeover.


Warm and Positive


Warm and sunny colours have the undeniable quality of energising your mind and putting it in a positive space. Going with a white, high gloss laminate design on your wardrobe can do just that. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, maybe you can add a streak of green along the edges to make the design pop just a bit more. 


These kinds of designs complement rooms with beige walls without overpowering your visual senses. They bring a touch of positivity to the atmosphere and can be a great setting to start your day.


Eye Catching Facade


Wardrobe laminates give you the scope to stand out. Instead of going down the commonly trodden road, you can use a mirror finish or glossy laminate sheets on your modular wardrobe and create an enticing decor.


With the use of proper layering material, the facade of your wardrobe can be the talking point in the room. Such a design will always make a bold statement and make your bedroom more radiant.


Bringing nature to your living space


For anybody looking to add a creative spark to their bedroom, choosing landscape-inspired laminate designs can be a good decision. It’s a refreshing choice and ideal for everybody who loves to travel.


Such attractive laminate designs with the combination of colours like white or sea blue can also fit kids. It can be a bright distraction and help them focus on their studies feeling rejuvenated.


Similarly, customising laminate sheets with designs of birds and trees for those missing nature in their city homes can be the solution. It can be a colourful palette or a dark silhouette; choose what suits you. Irrespective of what you select, rest assured they will liven up your room.


Go Simple


Sometimes doing simple things can be the solution. The same holds when selecting laminate designs. Go along with a single colour, like faded white, along the length of the wardrobe with maybe thick vertical blue strips to add a bit of character.


It gives your wardrobe design a professional touch. At the same time, the variety in colour combination can help the design blend with any type of wardrobe- modular, dismantlable, freestanding.


Standing Apart


Designer laminates give you a lot of freedom to find your perfect pick. It can give your wardrobe a contemporary and modern look and make them appear smartly designed. Lead the way with modern or abstract designs on your laminates. One of which might include giving it a golden touch.

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be gilded with gold for that purpose. Just a high gloss gold laminate running along the middle of the closet can do the job. It’s a minimalist yet sophisticated design that speaks of class.


Slide to Style


Wardrobes with sliding doors are the new vogue, and it’s easy to see why. Functionally it serves its purpose brilliantly as it does aesthetically. But the entire appeal of such a design might fail if you don’t pair it up with laminate designs that complement its style.


Using something dark, bold and premium could be a great idea for your home decor. Instead of going with something colourful, pick a wood-finish laminate sheet. It lives up to the demand of the design, and the best part is it’s more durable than wood.