Lara Trump, new Republican darling?

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We have barely finished the saga surrounding the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, that we are already calculating his chances of returning in 2024. Let the 45e president plunges again or is forced to stay on the sidelines due to his run-ins with the law, the name Trump may well end up on ballots soon.

During the day Sunday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that Lara Trump represents the future of the Republican Party. This statement worries those who still believed that we could crush the Trump family and return to a slightly more moderate political formation.

It is not impossible that Graham simply wanted to send a message to North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. The latter aroused the ire of several of his colleagues by voting in favor of the impeachment of Donal Trump, a defection that was not expected. He is threatened with reprisals by suggesting that a representative of the Trump clan will succeed him in the mid-term elections in 2022.

Who is Lara Trump? Is she really thinking of making the leap into politics? Lara Lea Yunaska married Eric Trump in 2014. The president’s daughter-in-law quit her role as news magazine producer Inside Edition to join the 2016 presidential campaign alongside other family members.

Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure, Lara has remained loyal to the 45e president, and was given the role of senior advisor to the re-election campaign. Very involved, she is paid US $ 180,000 for her involvement.

Much like the rest of the clan, Lara Trump has relayed disinformation on numerous occasions and she has been embroiled in several controversies. Whether she’s teaming up with a far-right activist in Florida or helping to install her brother in the Department of Energy when he has no valuable experience, she sure embraces the style and manners. of his stepfather.

Is Lara Trump seriously considering running for office in North Carolina? Despite Lindsey Graham’s enthusiasm, she never expressed her intentions. However, his candidacy was not unanimous. Other politicians have already announced that they would like to succeed Burr and it is not certain that the family background is a benefit for Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law.

Donald Trump won by a very narrow margin in North Carolina, a generally conservative state. So it seems that we are less favorable to this style of politics and that we will seek a more conventional politician. It is even argued that Lara’s candidacy would promote democratic mobilization, particularly voters from the black community, numerous enough to influence the outcome of the vote.

The next few months should give us a better picture of the situation within the Republican Party. While many hope for Trumpism without Trump, there is at least one member of this clan who can legitimately claim the family legacy. Will Lara Trump be a candidate in 2022? As is the case in other cases, the different factions of the political formation are hard at work, and the fight will be fierce.