Labrador rescued a lapdog from the pool and delighted the owners with heroism

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Surveillance cameras in the courtyard of a residential building recorded the moment at which a black labrador rescued his friend, a small white lapdog, who fell into the pool. The video with the rescue of the dog gained great popularity on the Internet and gained almost 4 million likes and 20 million views, as reported by REN TV on Tuesday, May 4.

The footage shows how a small white lapdog, walking near the pool, suddenly fell off and fell into the water. The dog turned out to be too small to get out of the water on its own, and after vain attempts, the dog gradually began to lose strength. What happened was seen by her friend, a Labrador, who began to bark and call for help from the owners. However, when no one came to help, he himself pulled the lapdog out of the water, taking the dog by the scruff of his teeth and holding it with his paw so that it would not fall back into the water.

After watching the footage from the security cameras, the owners of the dogs promised to install a protective cover on the pool to avoid a repetition of the situation.

The day before, on May 3, the winners of the Russian Championship in dancing with dogs, which took place at the Eurasia 2020–2021 exhibition, were announced in Moscow. During the event, 20 couples competed for the title of champions in two disciplines – “Freestyle” and “Movement alongside to the music”.