Krasnoyarsk schoolboy humiliated by teacher for refusing to march on February 23

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In Krasnoyarsk school # 155, a 11th grade student refused to march on 23 February. In response, the teachers began to humiliate him and those who followed his example. In particular, the head teacher and OBZh teacher began to hint that they were not men. As a result of the incident, an inspection began at the school.

The children motivated their refusal to march by the fact that they have planned additional classes and tutors. According to the main “troublemaker”, he wants to properly prepare for the exam. At the same time, the students recorded their conversation with the teachers. One of them says that all the girls will march, and several boys have refused. In this regard, he concludes that we are not talking about men, but about individuals of the “male sex” who behave like capricious girls.

The same voice tells the children about their experiences in the zone. He remembered a man who decided to “live with those who were lowered so as not to strain,” reports Prospekt Mira.