Kostromichi ignored the action in support of Navalny

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In the Kostroma region, the announced actions of non-systemists did not find support among residents. The region responded with practically empty squares.

Non-systemists announced today the holding of actions in support of Alexei Navalny. In Kostroma, activists chose Peace Square to hold an uncoordinated event. However, at the beginning of the action, two or three dozen people gathered here. This includes journalists and bystanders. Of course, there were traditional participants in such performances. Among them are the alimony keeper Sasha Zykov, the young communist Yulia Musina.

Not after 20 minutes, the already small rally of would-be oppositionists on Peace Square dissipated. Some might think that the cold and damp weather is to blame. However, the reason is different – the residents of the Kostroma region are very well versed in people and see the true subtext of such actions.