Kostroma urban studies: in Chukhloma, discussions were held on the project for the reconstruction of the city park

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Before the May holidays in Kostroma Chukhloma there was a public discussion of one of the main city projects – the restoration of the city park and the transformation of the central square of the town.

The Chukhlomichi voted for the improvement of these places last year in the framework of the vote on the “national budget”. As part of the distribution of funds from the “people’s budget”, almost 3 million rubles were collected for this object.

And now the time has come to discuss specific plans for the reconstruction of the central part of the city, which were presented to the public by the specialists of the O-KRUG architectural bureau from St. Petersburg.

The chief architect of the project, Valery Dyakonov, noted that in Chukhloma, the history of the city itself has already formed its original layout. Chukhloma Lake is the foundation of the city, the most significant visual square that unites all other spaces, and the City Park with centenary linden trees was created on a rampart that was formed during the construction of the fortress walls.

Since then, Central Square has historically become the heart of the city, where its business and cultural life was concentrated.

Today, in the center of the city, a stone is installed in honor of the 600th anniversary of the founding of Chukhloma, next to it is the Assumption Church and a park in memory of the fallen heroes during the Great Patriotic War, which is a logical continuation of the Central Square.

Experts considered it their task to architecturally and historically unite these three spaces by looping them.

Accordingly, the biggest transformations await the park, which in the golden years of the middle of the last century was called the “Gorsad” – then social life was in full swing here, which is planned to be launched again: paths and quiet routes in the shade of lindens, bike paths, a summer cinema that can perform and a stage, and the area around it is a dance floor, a children’s recreation area, outdoor exercise equipment, a rental shop and a café with a beautiful panorama of Lake Chukhlomskoye – such zones are presented in the project of St. Petersburg specialists.

But there will be several entrances to the park. The staircase leading to the park from the side of the fire station will remain, but the experts suggest making the historical gates the main ones – those that were once on the side of the Transfiguration Cathedral, destroyed in the Soviet years.

A memory alley will lead to the stone erected in honor of the 600th anniversary of the founding of the city, which, thanks to information stands, will immerse the townspeople and guests of the city in the history of Chukhloma and acquaint them with famous fellow countrymen.

The famous golden crucian carp was chosen as the main symbol that will decorate the park space. Many legends are associated with him in Chukhloma.

During the discussion of the project the Chukhlomichs made their proposals. For example, in winter time, to equip a ski trail along the perimeter of the city park, and in the architectural design of the park’s objects, use more historical details, for example, elements of fortress towers.

Bishop of Galich and Makaryevsky Alexy also took part in the hearings: “I believe that two alleys need to be made. The first is the alley of heroes, which leads to the memorial. It should be dedicated to the Heroes of the Soviet Union, who gave their lives for their Motherland. This is our heroic past. And the second alley, which leads to the stone, should tell about workers, honorable citizens – today’s heroes. These alleys will embody the past and present of the Chukhloma land. “

The implementation of such a large-scale project will take place in stages. And it will take more than one year. However, a start has already been made in this matter – the Chukhlomichi reconstruction project has been approved and Sovetskaya will begin to transform by the summer – work will begin here on replacing the storm sewer and repairing the road surface and sidewalks.