Kostroma sterlet released into the Volga in Yaroslavl

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The Kostroma fish nursery recently contributed to the restoration of fish resources in the Yaroslavl region.

One of the Yaroslavl enterprises, extracting sand from the Volga in order to compensate for the environmental damage caused to them, ordered 10,000 sterlet fry from Kostroma in order to release them to the Volga.

Specialists of the Verkhnevolzhsk branch of Glavrybvod delivered the fry to Yaroslavl in containers of 1000 liters – and the fry (each of which so far weighs no more than 3 grams) have endured well – and are already assimilating in the Volga waters in the waters of Yaroslavl.

I must say that efforts to restore the sturgeon herd in the Volga are already yielding some results – in any case, the head of the Yaroslavl department of Glavrybvod, Oleg Kokorin, says that now sterlet is found in the Volga and the Rybinsk Sea about 4 times more often than for another 10 years back.

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