Kostroma repairs: the repair of the pipeline at Sovkhoznaya is delayed

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“MK in Kostroma” has already reported about repair work, which yesterday at 9 am the employees of the TGK-2 company began to carry out on the quarter pipeline for hot water on Sovkhoznaya Street. They were going to finish the work by 18:00 yesterday, but … something went wrong and the repair was delayed. It will last until 6 pm on April 27 – and until that time, according to the press service of the Kostroma city administration, there will be no hot water and heating in a number of houses located on Sovkhoznaya, Nekrasov, Lenin, Pushkin, Novoselskaya, Kommunalnaya, Kombinatovskaya streets.

If the repair work is not completed by the new date, Kostroma residents can report the lack of appropriate utilities to the round-the-clock unified information service of housing and communal services by phone: 39-04-04 or the emergency dispatch service of PJSC “TGC-2” by phone: 39-69 -43.