Know The Differences Between Serviced Office And Regular Office Space

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Are you out to look for a new office space to set up your business? Probably, the reason can be you have to expand your business, or the lease is getting expired. Irrespective of whatever it is, you are looking for a new office. Before looking for a proper space, it is better to understand the differences between a service offices Perth and a regular office space. 

Let’s start reading this content to find out which kind of space you will need. It will help in picking a location according to the demands. 

About Service And Regular Offices 

In today’s time, businesses have several options when it comes to leasing a space. Modified and new versions replace traditional office spaces. They are referred to as serviced offices in Perth. These spaces are fully furnished offices and have been specifically designed to meet the demands for office use. Generally, startups, small businesses, and large corporations look for a short-term lease before venturing. Regular offices do not have so many facilities like service offices, and you will know about this from here. 

Different Ways How Service Offices Differ From Regular Offices Are 

Ready For Business 

  • A serviced office means all the work you have to do to open an office is already done. It has the entire infrastructure of a corporate office, and you do not have to spend an extra penny. These centres hire professional interior designers to make a space where people would spend time working. It gives you a corporate feel to the entire space. In this situation, you have to sign in the official papers and shift. With that, you can resume all operations right away. 
  • But in terms of a regular office, the work starts right after you have signed the papers. You have to get the pieces of furniture and look for internet connectivity, electrical connection, and water availability. Without getting all these things in place, there is no chance you can start functioning. All these things will involve a lot of planning and time, which every business might not have. 

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No Additional Expenses 

  • Many organizations think that a serviced office is more expensive than a regular space when they look at the room first. But it would be best if you never concluded at first glance itself. In a Perth serviced office, the air conditioning, electricity, mailing services, internet, maintenance, security and all other things are already present. You do not have to spend the extra dollar to get any of the items. 
  • But while considering the same aspects in a regular office, you have to spend from the company’s finances to get them. Comparing the amount you have to pay and the lease price of a serviced office is comparatively less. Also, the facilities that you get are more than a regular office. That’s the difference between a serviced and a regular office. Hence, based on your requirements, you have the flexibility to make any choices. 

Costs And Budgets 

  • For small businesses, serviced offices are less expensive and do not need a considerable amount of capital. If you do not wish to spend a lot of your finances getting a space or do not have long-term plans, a serviced office is a suitable option. A business owner might find that regular office space is comparatively cheaper but only when paying for a five or ten-year lease. 
  • But not many startups and small businesses wish to invest their working capital in long-term commitments. So, small business owners must know that serviced offices work perfectly for them. They can even rent a location for three months, and if required, extend them as per needs. 

Look For Flexibility 

Many businesses prefer to look for serviced offices for another reason, and it allows room for growth. When your firm is expanding, you will have enough space for growth. But this flexibility is not there with a regular office. There is not enough room available to increase space. 

In this way, you can avoid looking for another infrastructure. Flexibility is a crucial parameter for businesses that cannot predict growth for the future. Considering all these parameters, it would be easier for you to determine whether to go for a serviced office or a regular one. 


Many serviced offices are available in prime locations as the service providers know how important it is. Having an office in such a locality helps increase footfall, which eventually means that your business is expanding. But regular offices are not in prime locations, which make it difficult to grow a business. 

Also, employees would never like to travel long distances to work, which can impact your business. If you do not have enough resources, the cost will go up, and it is not fruitful for an organization. 

Administrative Support 

While leasing a serviced office, you have the benefit of enjoying pay-per-use administrative support. However, many small businesses or start-ups cannot afford to get this feature. But when it comes to a serviced office, you have tax services, IT services, secretarial services, etc. When there is a need for all these things, the company needs them. As a result, there is no need to hire employees seasonally. Hopefully, you are slowly getting a clear picture now as to which office can fulfil your requirements. 

Less Stressful 

Compared to regular, serviced offices are less stressful. It allows you to focus on attracting and servicing clients while looking for office maintenance. Suppose if your laptop stops working suddenly, you do not have to look for a technician from outside. Serviced office providers will have a professional team who will take care of all the requirements whenever required. A serviced office in Perth has all the facilities stated here so that you can look for one such location for your business. 

Community Events And Manager 

It is another difference between a regular and a serviced office. If there are any community events or a small get-together in serviced offices, it is easier to make the necessary setup. But in regular offices, there is not enough space available for these situations. Organizing an event becomes difficult when it comes to regular offices. 

Having A Coffee Corner 

Everyone wishes to take a break in between work and want to have a cup of coffee. But in regular offices, you will hardly come across these things. With a service office space for rent, you will have everything before even taking the infrastructure for lease. This is the difference between a regular and a serviced office, and you can decide which one suits your needs. 

Service Or Regular Offices: Which One Is Right For You?

When looking for office space for rent, picking the right one is most important. For that, you have to specify the requirements and look for some exclusive locations. You must look for all the specified parameters listed above as it will help in understanding the differences. It will help you get the correct answer, and then you can make a choice. If you are looking for a more appealing decor with all the necessary features explained above, it would be best to go with a serviced office. With that, you can sign the lease and start the operation.