Kmele Foster: Biden’s claim of Blacks living in perpetual fear is ‘absurd’

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‘Fifth Column Podcast’ host Kmele Foster criticized President Biden’s stated claim in reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict that Black Americans are living in perpetual fear when they go about menial daily tasks is unfounded and “absurd.” — in an interview on “Fox News Primetime.”

FOSTER: I think talking about people being perpetually afraid of being murdered on their way to the gas station or while shopping at the supermarket effectively by members of law enforcement — that was the ostensible intimation on the part of the president during his remarks — and I just think that it is absurd. I don’t think people actually live in fear in that way. 

If we are talking about these things in hyperbolic ways and we are ignoring the actual circumstances that genuinely make people afraid to leave their houses in certain circumstances, the historic rises and murder rates in many cities in this country over the course of the last 12 months in many respects [are] connected directly to civil unrest that gripped the country during the wake of this what has been described as a racial reckoning, I don’t think we’re being serious.


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