Kiriyenko presented awards to the winners of the “Competition of political scientists”

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The winners in the all-Russian project “Competition of Political Scientists” were 33 people out of 118 who made it to the final. The leaders demonstrated the best skills and competencies. This was stated at the award ceremony by the first deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia, Sergei Kiriyenko.

“As a result, the experts, having voted, decided that we got exactly 33 winners, an unintended story, just further break and jump in scores,” REN TV quoted Kiriyenko as saying on April 17.

It is specified that the winners will participate in the election campaign, as well as a separate training program at the Senezh management workshop, which will start in October 2021.

“You have another important prize – it’s worth a lot, it is, of course, work with mentors, but now you each have 117 more good friends who are the best among the entire young generation of political managers and political strategists in our country,” noted Sergey Kirienko.

The Political Scientists Competition is held in two directions: political experts (political analysis and political advertising) and political managers (organizing political or social campaigns) with the support of the Expert Institute for Social Research and the Russia – Land of Opportunities ANO.

On January 12, the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, announced the start of a competition aimed at finding and selecting promising young specialists.

On the same day, Director of the Regional Programs Department of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI) Daria Kislitsyna and head of the Moscow office of the youth branch of the Russian Society of Political Scientists Nikita Zinkov told Izvestia about the significance of the All-Russian competition of political scientists.

Kislitsyna noted that the competition is aimed at expanding the number of new political experts and political managers. According to Zinkov, the demand for qualified personnel in the field of political science has matured a long time ago both among government agencies and for the third sector: the “Competition of Political Scientists” is being designed as a tool that can fully satisfy such a request, contributing to the formation of competent experts and political managers, concluded expert.