KFS Cup: “Guardsman” knocked out “Kyzyltash” from the semifinals

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In the first match of the 1/2 finals of the Crimean Football Union Cup, Skvortsov’s “Guardsman” lost on the road to Bakhchisarai’s “Kyzyltash” – 0: 1. At home it was necessary to win with a difference of two goals.

The first attack of the hosts turned out to be effective – in the 2nd minute, “guardsman” Dzambolat Khastsaev opened the scoring in the game. “Kyzyltash” responded quickly and accurately – in the 8th minute Abdurashidbek Tokhirov scored. For Vladislav Maltsev’s team, the task became more complicated again. But even before the break, Khastsaev gave the hope for a successful outcome to the fans of the “Guardsman” – in the 35th minute he issued a double. 2: 1 – the hosts took the lead. And from that moment on, the game became really nervous – a mistake by any of the teams could become fatal. The referee from Dzhankoy Dmitry Ponomarenko handed out yellow cards to the left and to the right – he issued 11 warnings in total for the match, two of which were repeated for Dmitry Zelenkevich and Dmitry Khodarchenko (the judge removed them from the field).

Andrey Zborovskiy in the 51st minute scored the third goal against the goalkeeper of “Kyzyltash” Alexei Berezin – 3: 1, an avete account with a difference of two goals, which led the “guardsmen” to the final. And all these thoughts of players and fans in the 80th minute could be crossed out by the player of “Kyzyltash” Aleksandr Ilyin. Here is the dramatic denouement. But he missed the penalty! The score remained unchanged until the end of the game. “Guardsman” in the final!

For the Skvortsovo team, this is the second attempt to win the honorary trophy. In the final of the KFS-2019 Cup, “Guardsman” lost to “Sevastopol” – 0: 2. Now, on May 9, 2021, the “Guardsman” will play in the final against “Evpatoria”, which sensationally knocked out of the semifinals of FC “Sevastopol”. Evpatoria have already won the KFS Cup in 2017.

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