Kennedy drags Gov. Cuomo for disastrous COVID nursing home directive one year later

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One year after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the deadly decision to send coronavirus-positive patients to nursing homes, FOX Business’ Kennedy remembers his 365 days of blunders. 

KENNEDY: One year ago today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an edict that killed 15,000 innocent New Yorkers. So, what if he had hesitated? Sprouted a conscience? Followed the science? A lot was unknown about COVID a year ago, but it became painfully clear very quickly that old people, especially the obese and immune-compromised, were especially vulnerable. No one knew who would be spared. Hospitals were terrified they would be overrun. So, the Greater New York Hospital Association wisely greased the governor to the tune of $126,000 so the Luv Gov would send sick old people to live with healthy old people in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. They all died.

If you had a mother or father living in an assisted living facility, your heart sunk a year ago because you knew even one sick resident could take out a hearty older person, or several. And that’s exactly what happened. 15,000 people died in New York in the nursing homes. And it would have been a fraction of that if the groping dope had instead quarantined the elderly and infirmed in the Javits Center Hospital, or, on that almost totally unused naval ship floating in the Hudson River.


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