Keeping special ones healthy – valentine’s day gift guide

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And just like that… valentine’s day is around the corner. People in relationships are going gaga all around the world with amped up emotions of love and affection for their dear ones. Whether paternal, romantic or platonic, each form of love is giving gifts to the other. We often plan on getting the best gifts but we struggle to find this so-called “healthy gift” for our close ones. So, no matter what kind of relationship that you share with your best friend, parent, child, etc., in this small and precise article, we will be listing down some thoughtful gifts that you can consider gifting this V Day!

Figuring out the perfect gift

What can be the perfect gift for someone you love? Is it a dress? A piece of jewellery? A fancy declaration of love? The possibilities are endless and the answers can be pretty overwhelming. How would you react if we tell you that such a gift does not exist at all?

Gifts are what you make of them. Rather than focusing on what your dearest one needs, think about what they would not expect! The element of surprise is the best add on embellishment that your valentine’s day gift absolutely needs!

So be it a fun filled customised puzzle box, a brightly lit LED light cushion or even a pencil carved graphite engraved showpiece, adding the element of surprise and some love to it will enhance your as well as your valentine’s experience.

Luckily for those who are struggling with the decision-making process, we have some gift recommendations, which happen to be great fail-safe options for Valentine’s day.

Gifts that we recommend

Health bands

In the world that is progressively changing for the better, here is a gift that will push your loved ones to be more physically active. Get your family and friends gifts that will let them be the best version of themselves. Get them fitness bands.

These portable self use health devices are self assuring and allow the user to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, one that allows them to navigate the path of self care. Let us look at the pros:

  • Invokes curiosity in its user base.
  • Allows users to adapt and custom set their personal health goals.
  • Can keep a track of overall health for a long duration.

All in all, health and fitness bands enable your dear ones to stay healthy and in shape. And don’t we all want our special people to stay fit and by our side for the longest possible duration?

Goodie basket

You can never go wrong with a dose of goodness that comes with delicious incredible assorted goodie baskets full of love! Yes, we are actually suggesting goodie baskets because they are simply divine. You can let your imagination flow and allow yourself to get all kinds of delicious mouth-watering items, pair it up with incredibly cute items like bath salts, spa mixes, aromatherapy candles, etc.

For those of you who wish to keep it strictly food-oriented, you can add premium chocolate-covered edibles, dried exotic fruits and nuts, health and goodness smoothie pouches, and more. There is a lot of customization room for gift-givers to consider. For example, if you happen to know someone who is suffering from ailments like diabetes, or high blood pressure, you can consider getting them a hamper basket full of food items that are not in the restricted category and allow them to take a breather for their health condition with great natural alternative edible products.


Healthy cakes for valentines day is another potential gift option that you can consider. When you hear the word ‘desserts’ the usual list of words pops up in your mind, containing, fatty, too sugary, sugar rush, etc. but did you know, desserts need not be any of those? In fact, your dessert can be as healthy as you want!

Do not believe us? Well, maybe that is the reason why people are so skeptical about giving desserts as gifts to their friends, families, colleagues and other associates who are trying to embark on the path of healthy eating. But it has been traditional for people to gift yummy nummies like chocolates, pastries, muffins, etc. for the event of Valentine’s day.

The best way to ensure quality and health concerns associated with desserts is to simply bake and make them yourself. However, not everyone is blessed with the skills of the famous patissier Pierre Hermé. So, what can be the alternative to baking your own healthy cakes? The answer is simple. Get your valentine’s special desserts made from any online bakery that has diabetic, eggless, and vegan cake options in their collection. Have these customized desserts been made to ensure the lack of unhealthy ingredients and only organic fine quality additives? Only that way can you ensure the health and well-being of all those special people in your life on the day of love!