Kazan Zoo has new inhabitants – a pair of marabou

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The new zoo of Kazan “Zambezi River” has new inhabitants – a pair of African marabou. This was reported in the press service of the city executive committee.

A couple of birds from Germany were added to the ostriches Masha and Vasya. After a morning meal, which consists of red fish or chicken and a beef heart, they are released into the makeshift savannah to the wildebeest.

These are not the first such birds in the Kazan zoo. A male marabou has been living in the zoo for more than ten years.

Recall that today about 40 species of animals live in the “Zambezi River” – hippopotamus, crocodiles, hamadryas, Brazza monkeys, meerkats, hyraxes, dik-wilds, lions, wildebeest, lemurs and others. Only in July, crowned cranes and kaffir crows appeared here, in August a gorilla and six chimpanzees will settle.

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