Karelia remains in the top five leaders in vodka consumption

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Residents of Karelia consumed almost 20 bottles of vodka in 2020 (9.8 liters) per capita. These data were obtained by the Center for Research of Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets (TsIFRRA), writes Kommersant.

In general, the top five looks like this (with minor changes compared to 2019):

– Sakhalin consumed 12.4 liters (+ 2%);

– Magadan region – 11.6 liters (+ 2%);

– consumption in Komi increased to 11.2 liters (+ 3%);

– in Karelia they drink a stable 9.8 liters;

– in Chukotka they consume less now – 9.4 liters (-6%).

And although in the republic the indicators remained at the level of 2019, in Russia the consumption of legal “little white” per capita increased by 2% (up to 4.9 liters). The consumption of sparkling wine, champagne and premium alcohol increased by an average of 15%.

The calculations took into account the population in the country as of January 1, 2021 and the data of the state alcohol control system EGAIS.