Karat Triplebyte: Karat Gets Hold Of Triple Byte’s High-Tech Analysis

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By Matilda

Karat’s famous billion-dollar interviewing company plans to take over Triplebyte’s technical analysis team and product. Triplebyte is a professional job search platform for software engineers and data scientists. It is a small but well-connected space for engineers to get on the radar for jobs according to their skills.

What Is Karat Triplebyte?

Karat Triplebyte

Karat launched the world’s first interviewing cloud to conduct interviews for different companies hiring software engineers. The cloud uses a global network of experienced engineers trained to convey steady interviews with questions and formats that adjust with your roles and hiring bar.

Triplebyte is where you can enhance your knowledge and skill set to associate with companies. You can hold quizzes to verify your skills, describe your work experience, and link to your GitHub projects. You can look around roles and companies and apply with just one click. You’ll get a response on every application you submit by triple byte.

What Is The Deal Between Karat And Triplebyte?

The commercial terms of the deal are private, but from what we understand, the triple byte is getting financially weak, which is so common in the current market. The deal includes Triplebyte’s core analysis products and content library, but its “magnet” talent network will be cut down by the end of this month.

Triplebyte raised just under $50 million. It never disclosed its worth, but in 2019, when the company raised $35 million, Taggar (who was still with the CEO and company) said that it was a “hundred million multiples toward being a unicorn”. PitchBook puts it at a more humble $135 million.

Aim Of “Karat Triplebyte” Collaboration

This collaboration was to bring these two businesses close together in an end-to-end strategy: the recruiters will have a set of tools that they can use to sort and select candidates as part of the Karat platform.

“Our goal at triple byte was to make real-world engineering skills the most important requirement for getting a shot at a job in tech,” said the CEO of Triple Byte. “By combining our adaptive assessment technology with the Interviewing Cloud, Karat is creating a unique solution that eliminates pedigree bias, delights candidates and delivers an unparalleled hiring signal.”

History Of Triplebyte

Before co-inaugurating a startup, Taggar was (and still is) a long-time partner in Y Combinator. Before all that, he’d co-developed and sold a company with Patrick Collison (who himself found Stripe). Triplebyte was spawned at the famous accelerator and counted several YC startups among its earliest customers, and the engineers at those startups among the 300,000 that attempted the tests to construct its machine learning algorithms. 

Why Are These Platforms “Karat Triplebyte” Necessary?

In today’s market, finding jobs in the technology industry seems tricky. Still, the CEO of Karat says that demand has remained high among Karat’s customers because the need for tech experts has been raised in other industries.

“If Karat is a barometer of the technology industry, our business with companies undergoing digital transformation has boomed, and India has boomed,” he said. That means that even with the ongoing layoffs and hiring freezes, which have had their impact, “the puck of hiring has shifted. The need for more engineers is still very much a thing. There are not enough of them giving the demand.”


In conclusion, the takeover of Karat on Triplebyte was done through the mutual acceptance of the CEOs of both platforms, which Karat announced in March 2023. Many organizations are associated with Karat: Roblox, Indeed, Robinhood, Compass, Intuit, Deliveroo, American Express, Amgen, Ford, Tesco, Coinbase, and Wish. Software engineers and data scientists can get hired by these companies by conducting interviews with Karat Triplebyte.