KamAZ will begin the development of trucks and buses on hydrogen

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The Russian automaker KamAZ in 2021 plans to start developing trucks and buses using hydrogen fuel. This was announced on Monday, December 21, by the general director of the company, Sergei Kogogin.

“In terms of R&D (research and development work – Ed.) For the next year, we are planning to create an 18 ton hydrogen car and a hydrogen bus. How long will we manage to do this, I will not say, but the plan is, ”TASS quotes him.

Kogogin said that KamAZ, together with the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, is developing a universal modular platform that will make it possible to put on the conveyor the production of nine- and 18-meter buses and electric buses with new improved characteristics.

On November 2, it was reported that the Russian automaker KamAZ was developing a new Euro-6 engine.

Compared to its predecessor, the new power unit should emit into the atmosphere five times less nitrogen oxides, three times less particulate matter, and two and a half times less ammonia with exhaust gases.

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