Kaluzhan in May will have short working weeks and long weekends

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May holidays are approaching. According to Rostrud, residents of the Kaluga region of the region, as well as other regions of Russia, will have two short working weeks and a long weekend this month.

According to the production calendar, public holidays are May 1 and May 9. These are public holidays, to which an additional day off is added, and if they fall on Saturday or Sunday, this day off is postponed to Monday.

The first of May this year is celebrated on Saturday, so the working day on Friday, April 30, will be shortened by an hour. The first long weekend will continue from the 1st to the 3rd.

On the occasion of the second public holiday, Kaluga residents will have a rest from May 8 to 10 inclusive.

Because of this, two working weeks will be four days – from 4 to 7 and from 11 to 14 May.