Jordan: justice bans publication of any information on Hamza case

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Amman | The Amman attorney general has banned the publication of information about Prince Hamza, accused of wanting to instigate sedition against his half-brother King Abdullah II, according to a statement released Tuesday by official television.

“For the sake of respecting the secrecy of the investigation of the security services concerning Prince Hamza and others, (it was decided) to prohibit publication of anything relating to this investigation at this stage,” assured Magistrate Hassan al-Abdallat in this press release.

“The publication ban concerns all audiovisual media and social networks, as well as images or video clips related to this subject, under penalty of criminal prosecution,” he said.

The prince who denied the charges said he was under house arrest at his palace in Amman.

Two personalities, Bassem Awadallah, former director of the royal office, and Cherif Hassan ben Zaid, who was once the Jordanian king’s special envoy to Saudi Arabia, as well as a dozen other people were arrested in connection with this case.