Joe Biden visited ex-president Jimmy Carter

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US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden on Thursday visited Jimmy Carter, who occupied the White House from 1977 to 1981, in Georgia.

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During a trip to this southern state to defend its gigantic investment plan, the 46th president in history found the 39th, also a Democrat, in the small town of Plains, where the latter lives with his wife Rosalynn since leaving Washington.

It was their first meeting since Joe Biden won the presidential election in November 2020.

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter “remind us with force that serving our country is not limited to the office that one occupies”, declared a little later Jill Biden, before giving way to her husband at a rally in the town of Duluth.

“The Carers continue their work, making our country stronger every day, and we are grateful and honored for their friendship,” she added.

Jimmy Carter, 96, is the oldest surviving US president, and Joe Biden became, at 78, the oldest president to enter the White House.

The former president did not appear before reporters, but his wife Rosalynn, who used a walker, was seen alongside the Biden couple.

Jimmy Carter suffered from a series of health issues that required him to be hospitalized several times in 2019.

After leaving the White House, he founded the Carter Center in 1982, to promote development, health and conflict resolution around the world.

In 1976, Joe Biden, then a young senator from Delaware, was one of the first elected to support Jimmy Carter in his race for president.