Jim Jordan lashes out at Dems as House panel grills high-tech CEOs

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Jim Jordan slams Democrats for dismissing his questions at hearing with high-tech CEOs
A fiery U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, brought a House Judiciary Committee hearing to a halt Wednesday when he launched a tirade against Democrats who were grilling the CEOs of some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

The fireworks began when Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, D- Pa., interrupted Jordan’s questioning of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai over Alphabet unit Google’s alleged search engine bias against conservatives — and whether Pichai would pledge that Google will not interfere in the upcoming election to benefit Joe Biden.

Scanlon dismissed Jordan’s concerns as “fringe conspiracy theories.”

“Mr. Chairman, we have the email,” Jordan responded, referring to a message written by a Google staffer that suggested the tech giant aided Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

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Tucker says Biden win could hand power to ‘fraud’ Kamala Harris or ‘bomb-thrower’ Karen Bass
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson used his monologue on Wednesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to take a closer look at Kamala Harris and Karen Bass — two of the leading contenders to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

“Joe Biden cannot govern the country. He isn’t capable of it,” said Carlson, who cited reports the former vice president may serve only one term if elected. “So Biden’s running mate will be the most consequential VP pick in American history.”

“Kamala Harris has no answers. Fixing the problem is not the point of the exercise,” Carlson said. “Winning is the point.”

“Unlike Kamala Harris, Karen Bass is not a fraud,” he said. “Karen Bass means it. She’s sincere. She’s an unapologetic left-wing bomb-thrower who spent decades working to help Fidel Castro and his Cold War against the United States.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Federal agents won’t leave Portland until courthouse is ‘safe and secure,’ acting DHS boss says
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Wednesday that despite promises by Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown to the contrary, federal agents will not leave Portland, Ore., until a federal courthouse that has been repeatedly attacked by rioters is “safe and secure.”

“We will continue to keep law enforcement officers in the area to make sure that that courthouse is secure at the end of the day,” Wolf told Hemmer.

Wolf said he and the Democrat governor had agreed on a plan to end “the violent activity in Portland directed at federal properties and law enforcement officers” that called for “the robust presence of Oregon State Police in downtown Portland.”

“Over time,” Wolf told Hemmer, “if the Oregon State Police and the plan that has been put in place is successful, and we can responsibly draw down law enforcement assets there, then we will.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


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US growth report to show a record-breaking economic plunge
– Small businesses using personal funds to stay afloat during coronavirus crisis, study finds
– Kodak CEO the picture of wealth on stock rally, government deal

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Sean Hannity says New York City is deteriorating “before our very eyes.” He blames Mayor Bill De Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, for the current state of the Big Apple. He laments this is just a hint of what defunding the police could bring.

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