Japan remembered about nuclear weapons because of Russian tanks in the Kuril Islands

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Readers of the Japanese portal Kyodo News were outraged after the news that the Eastern Military District had deployed Russian T-80BV tanks in the Kuril Islands. It is planned that the new combat vehicles will replace the T-72B already on the islands.

Japanese readers reacted violently, noting that “there can be no question of joint economic activity.”

“In the near future, China may attack Okinawa, and Russia – Hokkaido, so it is necessary to prepare, including the possibility of obtaining nuclear weapons. If the peaceful Constitution is not changed, Japan will disappear, ”warned one of the readers.

Another user said that if Russia gave up the Kuril Islands, it would lose control over the entrance to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, where Russian nuclear submarines are located. In the opinion of the Russian Federation, the way to Kamchatka will be opened for the enemies, therefore Russia “will continue to control the Kuriles under any pretext.” Thus, he is confident that Japan will be able to return the islands “only by force.”

“It is necessary to deploy missile units to Hokkaido and increase the size of the self-defense forces. The northern direction needs to be fortified. Meanwhile, there is no further news that Russia is building up its military power, ”Ike was indignant at Japan’s inaction.

Some of the readers said they had given up hope that Tokyo would someday reclaim its Northern Territories.

Another reader expressed a misunderstanding due to the fact that Russia placed tanks on the Kuril Islands, as the terrain there is mountainous. He also added that Japan had a chance to reclaim the islands, but it missed them.

“It’s over … The build-up of military power on the islands means a reluctance to engage in dialogue. You can stop meaningless negotiations and not sign a peace treaty, ”summed up the user Och.