Japan has developed a new method to combat hair loss

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Scientists at the Riken Biosystem Dynamics Research Center in Japan have developed a new method to combat hair loss. This is reported by the scientific news portal EurekAlert with reference to the study.

Experts have conducted experiments on mice. They, in particular, cultured hair follicles from stem cells from rodents’ whiskers and hair. Scientists had to test 220 different combinations.

It was found that combining one type of collagen with a specific medium helped hair grow faster in a short period of time.

“Our technology offers a method for effective regeneration of hair follicles and may begin to help people in the near future,” the head of the study, Takashi Tsuji, quotes the portal.

Preclinical trials of this method were completed in 2019. The next step will be clinical trials.

At the end of January, it became known that Thai scientists have discovered a new method in the fight against hair loss. Thus, sea avicennia, a type of mangrove tree, containing avicequinone-C, can help cope with hair loss. This substance prevents hair loss by inhibiting the action of enzymes that lead to increased levels of hormones that cause hair loss.