“It’s enough just to love running”: a Tver runner told how he prepares for a 130-kilometer race

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There is very little time left before the “Memory Run” on May 9. In just six days, the athletes will demonstrate the wonders of endurance and professional training, having run 130 kilometers from Tver to Rzhev.

On the eve of the strat, we decided to find out how the Tver runner Viktor Pronichkin prepares for the race. The athlete stressed that it is impossible to prepare for such a race from scratch in a short time. This will become stressful for the body. Therefore, he increased his volumes gradually.

– Dima Petrovsky, who is also a trainer and ideological inspirer, helped to choose the right volumes for training. The last month and a half a week I have been running 120-130 kilometers, – Victor shared.

The athlete also noted that for the moral preparation for running such a long distance, it is enough just to love running as a process. Victor believes that the joy after such a race will definitely come.

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– I think that if you decide to do something, you need to draw it in your head, better in details, and have no doubts that it will work out. At the same time, do not be afraid to retreat if something goes wrong. The goal will remain. And later you can safely storm it again with new knowledge. I think it works in all areas, – Victor shared his observations.

But Victor was able to surprise with food. On the day of the race, he plans to drink 5-6 liters of water, 2-3 liters of “Regidron”, 2 liters of cola, 5-6 bananas and instant noodles with sausages. He will also add a liter of homemade carbohydrate gels, 500 grams of raisins and the same amount of dates to the food.

Recall that on May 9, the Tver Run Lab running school, with the support of the RIA Upper Volga media holding, will organize an ultra-run from Tver to Rzhev. The length of the route will be 130 kilometers. Also, to support the marathon runners, the athletes of the running school will cover 10 kilometers each. RIA “Upper Volga” editorial staff will also take part in the race, once again demonstrating their love for sports.