It will get warmer to minus 10 by the evening of January 20 in Smolensk

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For several days the residents of Smolensk believed that there was a severe frost outside at minus 24 hours. We have forgotten in recent years that only “minus 30” is one of the options to skip school, going up the hill. “European winters” relaxed Smolyans, making them believe that temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius are cold.

On January 20, partly cloudy weather is expected in Smolensk and the region, mostly without precipitation. Ice-covered roads remain in places. The wind will blow from the south on Wednesday, up to 6 m / s.

The air temperature at night is -21 ° C, in the daytime – up to -13 ° C. By Thursday night it will get warmer to -10 ° C. Atmospheric pressure 744 mm Hg. pillar.

The moon is in the first quarter, daylight hours increased to 8 hours and 4 minutes, with a rise at 9:00 and a set at 17:04.

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