It was decided to open the Zenit metro station for half a day, so far without the branding

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On Sunday, May 2, the Zenit metro station next to the new stadium (formerly Novokrestovskaya) will start working in test mode for several hours. According to the press service of FC Zenit, this will be done for the sake of the main match of the Premier League, where Zenit can win the championship ahead of schedule (MK in St. Petersburg has already written that the RPL Cup will be brought to the stadium in advance – just in case ).

It is also reported that in the summer the station will be launched in full-fledged mode for holding matches of the European Football Championship. But they have not yet managed to decorate it with Zenit’s symbolism: “The approval and implementation of the renovation project has been postponed at the initiative of the city,” the press service of FC Zenit told colleagues from Delovoy Petersburg. “So far, it is only supposed to make small changes to the pavilion’s appearance and install a composition in the showcases on the platform associated with the historical victories of the club.”

Fans will be able to see this minimal symbolism – but again, not tomorrow, but by the beginning of Euro 2020. The source informs about the additional difficulties associated with the “redesign” of the station: “To carry out this work, you need to get a lot of approvals, each bolt needs to be coordinated.”

However, you can be sure: Zenit fans will come to the match on May 2 without waiting for the station redesign.