It was decided to change the project of the football Superleague after the release of some of the clubs

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The draft of the football Superleague will be revised after the withdrawal of six English clubs. About this in Twitter Associated Press reporter Rob Harris said in a press release from the organization.

The text emphasizes that given the current circumstances, it is necessary to “consider the most appropriate steps to change the project”.

“Despite the statements of the English clubs, which did so under pressure, we are convinced that our proposal is fully consistent with European laws and regulations,” the press release said.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 20, English Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea announced their withdrawal from the Super League.

The Super League was announced on 18 April. It includes 12 European top clubs, in addition to English ones – these are Spanish Barcelona, ​​Atlético and Real, as well as Italian Milan, Inter and Juventus.

However, the teams faced a wave of negativity, UEFA promised to apply sanctions to them and the players.

On Tuesday, April 20, representatives of the founding clubs of the tournament gathered to discuss the dissolution of the tournament amid negative reactions to its creation.