It became known about the financing of the “Alliance of Doctors” by citizens of eight countries

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The Alliance of Doctors trade union (included in the list of NPO-foreign agents), headed by Anastasia Vasilyeva, blogger Alexey Navalny’s personal ophthalmologist, is funded by citizens of eight countries. This follows from the publication in the register of non-profit organizations-foreign agents of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

In the column of the organization in the register it is indicated that it is sponsored by citizens of Finland, Germany, Singapore, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Norway and Belarus. As noted for the purposes of political activity, the organization was created to “influence the development and implementation of state policy, the formation of state bodies, local self-government bodies, on their decisions and actions.”

The Ministry of Justice considers the participation of the “Alliance of Doctors” in organizing mass actions and in “activities aimed at obtaining a certain result in the elections” to the types of political activity of the trade union. The “Alliance of Doctors” has repeatedly provoked scandals, disrupting the work of medical institutions in Moscow and the regions, especially the number of provocations and spread of fakes increased during the pandemic.

It became known on March 3 that the Ministry of Justice had included the “Alliance of Doctors” in the register of “non-profit foreign agents”.

On January 29, a court in Moscow placed the head of the Alliance of Doctors, Vasilyeva, under house arrest in a case of violation of sanitary standards at an unauthorized rally on January 23 in the capital.

At the end of March 2020, REN TV reported that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a pre-investigation check against Vasilyeva after she recorded a fake video. In it, the woman stated that the authorities allegedly conceal information about the real number of cases of coronavirus in Moscow.

In April 2020, Vasilyeva provoked a scandal again. She and 15 members of her team left the capital for the Novgorod region in order to deliver personal protective equipment to local hospitals. At the same time, the activist had to observe self-isolation, since she recently had a fever, cough and weakness, and her mother was abroad from March 13 to 22.

In addition, the media also reported that Vasilyeva actively opposed the actions of the Immortal Regiment.